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The basis of our products contains first-class wooden tools inspired by European tradition. The main products in our offer are wooden hand planes, wooden marking gauges, joiner’s, carpenter’s and carving wooden mallets and other wooden tools produced in three lines of quality: ECO, CLASSIC and PREMIUM in many variations of dimensions.


Our workbenches are the most sturdy workbenches on the market and we produce them in three production lines according to their use: PROFI, SCHOOL and HOBBY. The basis of each of our workbenches is a strong beech-block work top with a thickness of 120, 105, 80 or 40 mm fitted with the highest quality vices. We produce workbenches with traditional wooden legs, or with HYDRaulically, PNEUmatically or MECHanically height-adjustable legs.

Wooden components

In our offer of wooden components you will find standard wooden fasteners such as fluted beech pins, beech dowel rods, biscuit joiners in sizes 0, 10 and 20 and a significant amount of wooden repair material like patches and resin patches for repairing imperfections, we offer these in many different wood species.

Our distributors

Zde můžete najít distributory našich výrobků po celé České republice. Naše produkty si také můžete objednat od nás, zasíláme po celém světě.

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