Skew Rabbet Plane CLASSIC

The Skew Rabbet Plane is a narrow plane, which is used for planing slots, half slots, sills, or rabbets on doors and window frames. The blade is inserted near the centre of the body, the bed angle is 45 degrees and the blade covers the entire width of the plane. The blade´s edge is accurately fixed in a position so that it is able to cut into the material gradually instead of cutting with the whole blade´s edge. The blade is skewed at a 25 degree angle. The body is made of high quality solid beech, the sole from high quality solid hornbeam, both are dried down to 10 % moisture content. In the production of CLASSIC planes, special attention is given to the quality of processing, ergonomics and comfortable handling. We supply variant C/S with blade STANDARD, variant C/P with blade PROFI.

Item No. Dimensions Blade width Cutting angle Blade quality Weight EAN code
10-21C/S 255 x 21 x 155 mm 24 mm 25°/45° STANDARD 310 g 8595574135637
10-21C/P 255 x 21 x 155 mm 24 mm 25°/45° PROFI 310 g 8595574140273
S10-24C/S 255 x 24 x 155 mm 27 mm 25°/45° STANDARD 330 g 8595574141492
S10-24C/P 255 x 24 x 155 mm 27 mm 25°/45° PROFI 330 g 8595574141508

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